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This site contains the computer recostruction of Ostia, the ancient harbour of Rome.
I started working on this project on 2001, when I have modeled only part of the town for the exhibition 'Ostia, Port de la Rome Antique', held in Geneva from 23 February to 22 July 2001. The success of the exhibition and the positive feedback on my images and renderings have convinced me to complete the job.

The computer graphic images you will find on this site are the result of a personal vision of the ancient town. I have tried, as much as possible, to find documents and drawings from archeologists and researchers in the domain of Archeology and Ancient Civilizations. When I was unable to find references and drawings, I have modeled the monument according to my personal taste.

Here two clips with the recontruction of Ostia Antica:





On 18 April 2013, Apple approved my Apps for iPhone and iPad. These applications can be used, on iOS devices, as a virtual guide during your on-site visit to enhance your knowledge on the urban layout, to understand the relationships between the buildings and to discover the culture, the organization and the rites of this unique Roman town. They contains more than 100 3d and reconstruction images of the ancient Harbor of Rome.

Ostia Antica - Harbor of the Ancient Rome
for iPhone - for iPad

Ostia Antica - for Android devices is available on Google play at this address

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