The Making Of

The digital reconstruction of an ancient town of around 70.000 inhabitants is a complex task. The complete process does not include only modeling and rendering buildings and monuments, but also an intensive research of historical materlal and document to use as reference, In addition, there are many technical issues that need to be correctly addressed in order to achieve a good level of quality. Just to mention a few, in order to give an idea of the order of complexity, here a non hexaustive list:

  • Setup outdoor environment and Sunlight
  • ┬áSetup the procedural texture for the sea
  • Setup the procedural texture for the clouds
  • Create the seamless texture for the basolato (the road pavel)
  • UV mapping
  • Polygon crunch
  • Model generic building with a good level of quality
  • Building generic building
  • Building specific monument (Theater, Capitollium, ect)
  • Generate seamless textures for the buildings (marble, bricks, stucco, etc)
  • Casting actors and personnages

In this section of the site I would breifly describe the solutions I have deployed to solve part of the above issues and to present the tools I have used to achieve the result.